Joel McCarthy

Industrial Hygienist, Education Sector Lead

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Joel McCarthy
Good economies start with good schools.
Joel is an asbestos inspector, management planner, and project designer who has worked with asbestos in schools throughout much of his career, consulting for New York City Public Schools, as well as acting as the in-house manager of the asbestos program for the Pacific Northwest’s largest school district, Portland Public Schools. Joel continues to perform large-scale asbestos inspection, abatement design, and management for school districts throughout the Portland, Oregon area.


Asbestos Inspection and Management, Abatement Design, Asbestos Training


  • AHERA Asbestos Inspector
  • AHERA Management Planner
  • AHERA Project Designer
  • OSHA 30-Hour Compliance Training

  Special Skill:

Identifying opportunities for school districts to capitalize on technology and new funding sources to improve or maintain their health and safety programs.
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