PBS Receives Portland’s Sustainability at Work Certification

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gold-signature-iconPBS is proud to announce that the firm is now Gold-Certified through the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program. Sustainability at Work organizations “walk the talk” of green business, from recycling and reducing energy to bike commuting and community giving. The program provides a portal for residents to connect with businesses making positive impacts on our economy, community, and environment.

Sustainability at Work offers three levels of certification to recognize a business’s positive impact on the environment and our community. Certified applicants are evaluated on more than 70 factors related to their environmentally-friendly practices in the areas of recycling/reuse, employee engagement, transportation, energy, water, and community engagement. Gold-certified businesses must meet more than 45 of these items.


PBS staff volunteering for earth day


PBS staff maintaining a Green Street bioswale

Sustainability at Work was formed in 2007 as a solution for businesses who want to improve their environmental practices. The program’s services have been informed by national and local research, input from hundreds of Portland businesses, and by the technical expertise of our partners. Since its launch, the program has helped thousands of Portland businesses advance green initiatives in the workplace—from small start-ups and nonprofits to large corporations.

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Published: November 16, 2016
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