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Every time we get into the car or choose what to eat for dinner, we mentally conduct a risk assessment. We all assess and manage risk, whether aware of it or not, by weighing the benefits and consequences of any situation. However, the ability to assess the risk of something as vague as reopening schools during a pandemic, is not something that most people are equipped to do. This is where PBS can help.

Following the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, school districts have been under increasing pressure to reopen to in-person learning. Understandably, many from the community—teachers, parents, and unions—have expressed concerns about children reoccupying school buildings. At the same time, school districts are under numerous overlapping regulatory requirements and recommended best practices from various arms of the government. Navigating this changing landscape is challenging, and we can support preparation for reoccupancy when acceptable.

Ventilation is like a building’s immune system. Properly functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) will flush out airborne contaminants, like viruses, and reduce the risk of disease transmission. Increasingly through the pandemic, PBS has focused its efforts to assist school districts by providing HVAC inspection and ventilation monitoring services. This allows districts to better understand the effectiveness of their HVAC and make well-informed decisions.

PBS is available to support you in your efforts to confidently convey to your community that your buildings are safe and ready to be occupied. Click here for a list of COVID-19 related PBS services.

COVID-19 Educational, Compliance, and Reoccupancy Services

As a leader in health and safety training, PBS is working with local municipalities, educational organizations, and construction companies to educate and document COVID-19 compliance efforts, and to support the reoccupancy process. Click below to learn more:

Please contact our offices if you have any questions.

Published: March 15, 2021
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