PBS Engineer Recognized Among DJC’s “Women of Vision”

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DJC Oregon’s Women of Vision is an educational and awards program that supports the women who are shaping our built environment with their leadership, mentoring efforts, community involvement and the promotion of industry diversity. This year, PBS environmental engineer, Shasta Billings-Beck, PE, was recognized among 50 women leading the built environment in the Portland metro region. Shasta is living proof that engineering can build more than roads and utilities—it can build a better community. As an engineer and committed volunteer, Shasta is transforming the natural and educational environments around her from the ground, up.

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Shasta developed a deep appreciation for the natural world early on. Some of her most cherished childhood memories are of working alongside her father in the garage, restoring classic cars and developing an interest in ‘how things work.’ Her passion for the technical and the environmental fueled her decision to pursue the field of engineering. “I am innately an organized problem solver,” she states. “So naturally, the sense of satisfaction that comes from fully understanding a situation and finding a positive solution is what gets me most excited about going to work every day.”

As a professional engineer at PBS Engineering and Environmental, Shasta has served at the helm of some of the firm’s most significant environmental engineering efforts. “I’ve always enjoyed digging into puzzles, understanding how all the pieces affect one another, and orchestrating solutions,” says Shasta. “I feel very fortunate that I can put these interests to use in my work.”

Shasta also provides leadership for PBS’ Sustainability Advisory Team, implementing programs that improve environmental practices throughout the firm and motivate local staff to serve as agents of change in their communities. She also serves as a role model through multiple STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) advocacy groups, dedicated toward fostering the next generation of engineers.

Shasta is more than a great engineer. Her passion for sustainability serves as a roadmap to environmental excellence, both on project innovations and within her community. PBS is honored to have Shasta on our team, along with numerous talented women in our engineering, environmental, and administrative groups.

Published: October 19, 2018
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