Environmental Business Journal Awards PBS’ Response to Urgent Water Quality Needs

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Environmental Business Journal (EBJ), a business research publication which provides strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry, has honored 59 companies for innovative project designs, technology applications, new practice areas, social contributions, and industry leadership in 2016.

PBS Engineering and Environmental (PBS) is pleased to announce that it was chosen to receive the EBJ Project Merit Award for Water Quality.

In 2016, public awareness of the potential for lead and other contaminants in drinking water reached near hysteric levels. The media coverage of Flint, Michigan drove schools, hospitals, and municipalities across the nation to conduct non-mandated testing and evaluate their drinking water delivery systems.  Several states, including Oregon and Washington, quickly disseminated guidance programs, and in some cases, funded testing in schools. This created an unprecedented sense of fervor as many districts scrambled to have all testing done before children returned to school in September.

Environmental Business Journal Awards PBS’ Response to Urgent Water Quality Needs

Based on the firm’s years of serving the education and health care markets, PBS was asked to collect and analyze nearly 55,000 samples for schools, universities, and hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. The sampling was completed over a very short time, approximately three months. In addition to coordinating and managing the collection of so many samples, there was a critical need to accurately and securely organize, store, report results, track follow-up actions, and maintain the data for each individual facility.

Environmental Business Journal Awards PBS’ Response to Urgent Water Quality NeedsPBS worked closely with Verdant Web Technologies Inc. (Verdant) and its labs to quickly develop a new web application to efficiently upload results directly from the labs and to provide a secure platform for the data so it could be stored, searched, cataloged, and easily accessed by facility staff. PBS continues to partner with Verdant to deliver solutions and data management systems to help multi-facility organizations to best manage their environmental risks and evolve their EH&S programs.

PBS was recognized by EBJ for their rapid response and deployment of technology to address critical water quality testing needs of schools and hospitals. Their web-based solution allowed clients to organize testing information, track costs, and quickly access digital reporting to receive funding from oversight agencies, where applicable.

The 2016 EBJ awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit XV in San Diego, California on March 22, 2017. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day executive retreat hosted by EBI Inc.

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PBS is ranked among the nation’s Top 500 Design Firms by the Engineering News-Record. Since 1982, PBS’ nimble, multi-discipline teams have provided engineered solutions that balance compliance, sustainability, and practical design. PBS mobilizes from 10 Pacific Northwest locations with core service areas in engineering, environmental, industrial hygiene, planning, surveying, and natural resource consulting for public and private clients.

Founded in 1988, Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, San Diego, California) is a research, publishing and consulting company that specializes in defining emerging markets and generating strategic market intelligence for companies, investors and policymakers. EBI publishes Environmental Business Journal, the leading provider of strategic information for the environmental industry, and Climate Change Business Journal, which covers nine segments of the Climate Change Industry. EBI also performs contract research for the government and private sector and founded the Environmental Industry Summit, an annual three-day event for executives in the environmental industry.

Published: February 14, 2017
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